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You are Mine by smilingDOGZ You are Mine by smilingDOGZ
I think I've been reading too much Sunstone lately..... NAH!

If you don't know what that is here is a Link. A little warning  though if your not into BDSM or any mature stuff do not proceed.
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Sunstone, eh?  I thought I recognized Shiniez's style here.
Damnit, nothing is safe from R34. 

Seriously. Nothing is totally safe from it. Because if you do something with it, it becomes something.
This isn't really R34, since that means "Porn of everything". This isn't porn at all.
If things kept progressing... you get the idea, it is more about what is implied

1. Some canon information to clear up the "ages & relations" commentary (&/or confusion)...  ;)

 ~ a. Spike was hatched by Twilight Sparkle's powerful magics, but it was Princess Celestia that raised Spike until he was of age & growth enough to assist Twilight Sparkle in her studies & duties.

 ~ b. Princess Celestia assigned Spike to be Twilight Sparkle's assistant once he was old & able enough to begin doing such duties.  Conversely, Princess Celestia charged Twilight Sparkle to be Spike's caretaker (note: not "parent" or "sibling").

 ~ c. While the ages of the primary pony cast are deliberately left "imprecise" (though Lauren Faust envisioned them between "12 to 17"), there is a generalized age-&-maturity range for them.

  • Applejack & Rarity are the "eldest." (note "quotations")
  • Fluttershy & Rainbow Dash are the same age in the "middle."
  • Pinkie Pie & Twilight Sparkle are the "youngest" among the circle of friends.  Twilight being more "mature" in attitude because of her prodigy nature and role as leader of the Elements of Harmony.  {Which now also includes being an alicorn princess too, I suppose.}
  • Spike & Twilight Sparkle are "close" in age-per-year because Twilight applied to Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns at a very early (filly-)age at the time when she magically hatched Spike.

~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~

Dogz777 ...

2. Art-wise, you have markedly improved upon portraying Spike.

 ~ a. The thick locks and "soft" forward-mohawk are definitely a vast improvement over the previous version of the backwards-mohawk and buzz-cut.  Likewise, the dark-green & light-green of previous hair clashed, the current all green is much more visually acceptable to the eyes.

 ~ b. Clothing, with its canon coloring to baby-dragon Spike, are much improved as well.  Keeping the pants a neutral color (such as dark blue or black) is probably the better choice over trying to color them green & purple

 ~ c. Human-Spike's lanky, but still fit, figure is also a good artistic call, since Spike can get his "beefcake" via his dragon-form.  Lanky is good, you do not want "thin," however.  Spike should also be significantly stronger than he appears to be, even in human form.  Just as we see baby-dragon Spike being able to lift-&-carry masses & weights far in excess to his size, this should be reflected in your human-form Spike as well as dragon-form.  An example between the two would be human-Spike being able to lift a toppled oak dresser off of Rarity single-handedly, where-as dragon-Spike would shield Twilight Sparkle from a burning & collapsing building and then dig them both out from under all the wreckage.

3. A minor artistic detail refinement...  It took me a few visual passes to figure out that Twilight had used her magic to lock the door.  While the purple "Chck" is a good detail in matching Twilight's magic-use, I might suggest adding a small glow or spark emanating from the keyhole as well to reinforce that it has been magically locked.  Otherwise, it is a very good artistic call on keeping the colors oriented to their appropriate character, it gives clear visual direction to the audience.

4. From a storytelling perspective, it is a good idea to include both the Twilight Sparkle & Spike 'ship as well as the Spike & Rarity 'ship {portmanteau'x make my eyes twitch}.  One of the most iconic storytelling tools is the Love Triangle.

5. As a creative suggestion...  If you really want to add some story-twist and drama in the Romance field of your (overall) story, you could use an additional Love Triangle which would (partly) overlap between the Twilight-Spike-Rarity triangle.  This would be adding the also-popular Applejack & Rarity 'ship.  With an Applejack-Rarity-Spike Love Triangle, this gives Rarity her own personal character drama & screen time as well.

PurpleSquidz Feb 8, 2014  New member
If you payed attention, I believe Pinkie Pie is actually one of the older characters,and spike is a baby, as Twlight said.
Re-watch it x3
When you live to the point that a 100 yr nap is normal, baby is a pretty relative term. Especially since Magic Kindergarten is when Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns starts.

If you want to get canon-technical, Pinkie Pie is referred as being younger than her fellow Elements, most specifically Fluttershy (Fluttershy is +1 year older than Pinkie Pie).  Likewise, Applejack and Rarity have referred to Pinkie Pie as a younger ("kiddo", "young lady").  But as I said, the specific numeric ages are deliberately left "imprecise" by the MLP:FiM production crews and writing teams.

As for Spike, Twilight refers to him being a baby in terms of dragon maturity, but he is (obviously) far more in maturity compared to ponies to his numeric age.  Thus why I specifically said Spike and Twilight are "close" (the word used by Lauren Faust, not me) in terms of age-per-year, numerically speaking, not by maturity or by racial difference.  However, Spike is indeed the very youngest (again, age-per-year) among the primary cast.

The canon information I posted is from the canon wikia's, the comic books, and Tweet references by Lauren Faust, Meghan McCarthy, and others of the MLP:FiM writers.

So "yes, I paid attention."  ;)

Or Twidash. You know, Dash with Twi. The beloved hero of the masses, bathing in the lights of praise and glory, and the feared/hated anti-hero of the shadows, walking alone and fighting alone. If it weren't for Dash later in the story that is. ;P
That and Twidash is as if not more popular than Rarijack so that is a fair idea as well to consider if Dogz want to think about an additional love triangle. That is if Spike will even be in love with Rarity. I would like to read some comics where he isn't a puppy in love with Rare... <.<

Actually...  I specifically avoided the Twilight Sparkle & Rainbow Dash 'ship for creative suggestion, for two (2) reasons:

 - 1st: Dogz777 already has the Love Triangle intended with involving Twilight->Spike<-Rarity.

 - 2nd: To use characters besides Twilight Sparkle.

My creative suggestion for an add-on of the Applejack->Rarity<-Spike Love Triangle gives those characters their own separate screen time and drama.  Good storytelling with a multiple primary cast means taking care not to overly center around one specific character.

But if you want to get into brony-dom demographics ;) , the popular Romantic categories & 'ships are...

 - 1st: "The One who was Always There" Romance ~ Fluttershy & Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle & Spike; Generally speaking for the category itself, it is hard not to love this particular theme of Romance.

 - 2nd: "Opposites Attract" Romance ~ Rarity & Applejack, Twilight Sparkle & Rainbow Dash

 - 3rd: "Love at First Sight" Romance ~ Spike & Rarity

Personally, I try to avoid getting too involved with 'shipping, despite my love of a good Romance (pun intended).  But with brony-dom, that is like trying to avoid fish in the oceans.  :D

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