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Amazonian Mom (Celestia) by smilingDOGZ
Amazonian Mom (Celestia)
Its been a while since uploaded anything. Did this while at work.

Being a single parent is hard for a former general, its a good thing she has enough strength in her arms to raise two daughters.

This is still part of my previous work for an AU story of MLP/EQG
Agent Lyra's Snapshot by smilingDOGZ
Agent Lyra's Snapshot
Agent Lyra: Woohoo! the chief is back! And what a surprise he brought with him this time! Can you believe it? An actual MAGI! A living, breathing, spell- slinging, arcane being! 

Agent Bon: She doesn't seem all too happy to be here.

Agent Lyra: Maybe its because our ancestors supposedly destroyed their kingdom, forced them into slavery and probably wiped out their entire race. But I'll go with her just being shy.

Agent Bon: Ahhh.... yeah... thats probably the reason.

This takes place right before the events of the comic Link
Twilight Dump by smilingDOGZ
Twilight Dump
Magi Abilities (Twilight's first abilities)

Energy Conduction: Every living thing has a passive accumulated energy stored in their bodies. The magi's are known for their ability to harness this energy in the form of spells.

Telekinesis: A common skill that manipulates and move objects at will. This can be used against another living thing, provided the caster has enough power. The ability is useless against a target with an exceptionally strong willpower (Rainbow Dash).

Energy Blast: An advanced ability that allows the caster to project a blast of concussive force at range. The skill however has a high cost on the caster's energy reserves.
Arcane Extremities: The caster infuses a small amount of his/her energy into their body, giving the caster enhanced physical power for a short burst. This skill was invented by Twilight's master. Zekorah in response to magi's over reliance on long range attacks and weakness in close range combat. 

Flash Teleport: A high level utility skill that teleports the caster a short distance. Its low cost on the user's reserves allows the caster to use it several times in without exhaustion. However the caster cannot use the ability without a clear vision of his her destination. During Twilight and Rainbow's fight, RD was able to exploit this weakness by watching Twilight's eyes, predicting the direction of  the teleport.

Related: Thousand Lights

Update note: After reading a certain comment, I just realized the description looks similar to what you will see on a champion skill overview from League of Legends. Maybe I'll continue this in another upload and draw Twilight in an isometric view just like in the game, just for the heck of it.
Her Guardian by smilingDOGZ
Her Guardian
You are many things Shy, a monster is not one of them. - Spike

Unlike her bodyguard (Spike), Shy has no control whatsoever of her Feral form. However she would sometimes enter a phase wherein she is stuck in an incomplete transformation while retaining control of her body. During this time she is forced to take a leave from work until the phase ends, never leaving her home out of fear that someone would find out about her secret. 

Spike keeps her company during this time as her father, Discord, spends most of his time in his lab. 

I was thinking of giving Spike multiple routes in this story. I kinda liked the idea of the character interacting with a few select love interests but not having to end up with any when the story ends.
I'm beat. I really want to draw something, but my director gave me a butt load of scenes to finish, so I can't. Maybe I shouldn't had accepted the extra work, I had a choice to decline! haha. Well I guess thats animation for ya, do well enough and your superior will like you more and when I say that, I meant your gonna get a lot of work. Its not a bad thing, more work means more pay which is good. Though it also means I don't have much time for personal works.

If you guys are wondering whats the name of the show were working on, It's called "Julius Jr.", a preschool animated television series, which I think currently airs on Nick. 

update: Guess someone will probably ask so I added this.

I work as an animator for the show and it is currently my full time job. The studio I work for is called TopDraw Animations. They did animations for the old cartoon shows like Tom and Jerry, Flinstones and the likes.  

If your wondering what shows they're currently working on here's a list


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