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Old Friends by smilingDOGZ
Old Friends
This is the only thing that i was able to take with me, everything else was classified. I know you and Night were pretty close back then... and what happened that "day" tore you two apart... The day Night quit and took Velvet with him, was the last we ever heard from them. I know his just doing this to protect her but it's been 7 years now! he could've at least sent out an encrypted message to let us know if they're okay!... Heh, I guess Nighty isn't one to leave everything to chance, as expected from our egghead... I miss them Tia I hope they're alright.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       - Lyra
related to my current comic Thousand Lights
Senpai's got Tentacles! by smilingDOGZ
Senpai's got Tentacles!
A fan art of a french cartoon show that were working on. And no, it's not "that" kind of show. The girl is originally a guy, I just genderbended him in this piece haha.

Real title is "Jamie's got Tentacles!"…
It's kinda fun animating the tentacles there's a lot of freedom to making it.
Amazonian Mom (Celestia) by smilingDOGZ
Amazonian Mom (Celestia)
Its been a while since uploaded anything. Did this while at work.

Being a single parent is hard for a former general, its a good thing she has enough strength in her arms to raise two daughters.

This is still part of my previous work for an AU story of MLP/EQG
I'm beat. I really want to draw something, but my director gave me a butt load of scenes to finish, so I can't. Maybe I shouldn't had accepted the extra work, I had a choice to decline! haha. Well I guess thats animation for ya, do well enough and your superior will like you more and when I say that, I meant your gonna get a lot of work. Its not a bad thing, more work means more pay which is good. Though it also means I don't have much time for personal works.

If you guys are wondering whats the name of the show were working on, It's called "Julius Jr.", a preschool animated television series, which I think currently airs on Nick. 

update: Guess someone will probably ask so I added this.

I work as an animator for the show and it is currently my full time job. The studio I work for is called TopDraw Animations. They did animations for the old cartoon shows like Tom and Jerry, Flinstones and the likes.  

If your wondering what shows they're currently working on here's a list


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